10 Ways To Grow Your Photography Business Fast

Okay, so you run a photography business...

So do LOTS of other people.

If you want to see success, you're going to need to actively move it forward.

You can't just take pretty pictures and put them on facebook and expect to charge great prices and get lots of clients.

Those days are loooong gone, my friend! (and yes, I'm a little jealous of all those photographers from 2008-2012 when this actually was all they needed to do!)

In this article, I'd like to tell you 10 ways that you can grow your photography business - whether you're new to the scene or you've been doing this for a long time.

1. Actively Market

Marketing is KEY to getting clients. Marketing is NOT social media posting. 

True marketing is the hardest work of your photography business and the #1 reason why most people fail within the first 2 years of opening. 

There are SO many ways to market your business, and I cover my favorite 16 ways in-depth inside my course (email me at [email protected] if you want to learn more about how to get into my business course TODAY).

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2. Have A Business Plan

I know, you've heard it before. Have a plan. Be prepared.

But REALLY, you guys. If you don't have a plan for your photography business, it's never going to go anywhere! 

Know where you are. Know where you want to get. Decide if this is really the business you want and how much work it will take to be successful.

Running a photography business is only about 5% taking and editing pictures. I know. I wish it was at least 50%. But it's not. 

Creating a business plan means sitting down and figuring out these details will save your business and your sanity.

Some important things to consider:

  • Pricing
  • Location/Studio vs. Home Based
  • Business Entity/Legality
  • Niche
  • How many hours you want to work a week
  • Desired income
  • Target market
  • Brand persona
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Competitors
  • Business Goals
  • lots more!

3. Don't Be The Cheapest

Here's the thing. When you're charging less than $500, you are gathering clients who CARE most about price. Your quality will be second important.

When you target clients in the $2k, $3k, and beyond price point, you'll be working with clients who aren't searching based on price but based on the entire experience you have to offer. 

Also, the market up at the top is WIDE open and waiting for you to jump in as the most expensive. Why not stop fighting over the clients who don't want to pay you anyway and market to those who can pay you a great living?

4. Connect With Other Small Business Owners

No, I don't mean other photographers. Be nice to other photographers, but they're not going to get you clients!

Find ways to serve and connect with other small business owners. Make them look good to their clients by gifting them vouchers to hand out. They will love to talk you up and will send so many clients your way!

5. Act Like A Professional

Growing your photography business requires a lot of hard work, determination, and commitment. Professional photographers follow through and deliver their products and services on time. They show up on time and always deliver great customer experiences.

They answer their phone on time, return calls, and are easy to get in touch with. 

It's the easiest thing to do, but I'm always shocked at how many don't do these simple things and then wonder why they have unhappy clients! Be professional!

6. Simplify

I'm a huge believer that simplicity can save your sanity! If you only focus on what is bringing you results, you can simplify your daily tasks and make more impact with less time. This is how I work 10 hours a week and still bring in 6-figures.

7. Have A Professional Website

Nothing screams beginner like a cheap-looking or nonfunctional website.

Inside my high-end business course for photographers, I teach you exactly how to create a website all on your own. It's NOT hard, anyone can do it and I walk you through every step.

If you don't want to DIY, hire someone (like me) who has built high-performing photography websites before. It's worth it. 

Your website has ONE goal.

To get your clients to contact you and ask to book a session.

That's it!

8. Have A Consistent Social Media Platform

I don't typically use social media to market my photography business. However, clients do like to see that you are online and that you are liked, so I keep one up for "social proof".

It isn't marketing, but just another spot for my portfolio online. 

Keep it basic, keep it simple. You don't need to be an influencer and show your face every morning noon and night, just post a few times a week, and do it consistently.

9. Work With Non-Profits

The very best thing I ever did for my business was to partner with non-profits. I cover this marketing method in DETAIL inside the course, but I have gotten so many high-end clients and helped them raise so much money! 

It's my favorite kind of marketing, it helps me, it helps them, and everybody is happy!

10. Create A Timeless Brand

Photography branding goes through phases. For a while, everyone had a butterfly in their logo/branding. Then it was florals. Then it was a camera. 

Stay away from anything cutesy. 

Simple name. Camille Marie Photography. Your name photography. I go over simple variations of this inside the course, but it's all the same. Simplify!

Simple, elegant, or modern fonts that are easy to read.

That way, when the next fad (leopard print logos maybe?😉) comes around, you won't feel like yours is already dated. 

There you have it! Follow this list and you'll be ready for some MAJOR growth.

Questions about 1:1 Photography Business Coaching or my Business Courses? Email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you asap!